what we bought on amazon in june...

what we bought on amazon in june...

jae's june amazon buys...

  1. fave body wash-reordered many times
  2. time release vitamin c-we all need it
  3. teen probiotic for my kids gut health
  4. my fave electrolytes I buy the kid flavors!
  5. probiotics for me
  6. oxy powder- aka the poop pill. gently cleans your system out using oxygenated magnesium.
  7. active b complex- for my hubs...includes all the vitamins that he needs.
  8. I splash this in every wash for a yummy smell on my clothes
  9. hands down the best flossers!! so easy to use because of the shape!
  10. mitroprime- helps me focus and have energy
  11. sleek laundry room rack
  12. best drawer organizers- I have them all over my house in all my drawers
  13. flat plug + strip for me + my daughters vanity spaces
  14. fruit punch electrolytes...duh
  15. hooks for all the backpacks in my sons closet

lindsays june amazon buys...

  1. mater stunt car-bought for my nephews birthday...monster truck that jumps...every boys dream!
  2. legos-perfect gift for our newest three year old :)
  3. worlds smallest fart gun-a gift for jae's husband...planning on gifting it to him at the beach...
  4. best sunless tanning lotion- super easy to apply...right after your shower before you dry off...apply lotion...pat dry and wash hands then wake up with a glow!
  5. trash truck book- the cutest shows my nephews love!
  6. best frizz control- miracle worker for my hair...leaves it super smooth!
  7. adios dark circles- I am obsessed with this...covers dark circles and is super affordable!
  8. gold frame- great frame and mat at a great price!
  9. kindle- I love my kindle and my previous one that I had for almost 10 years stopped holding a charge...amazon has an awesome kindle trade in program where you get a % off of a new kindle of your choice and then also an amazon gift card for whatever your kindle is worth that you are trading in. you box up your old kindle and stick in the mail...it is so easy! saved me close to $60!!
  10. best sandals- love the silver...these go with everything and are super comfortable and stay tied!
  11. 4 pack lazy susans- I use these for everything...great for organizing your drawers, pantry, cabinets, closets...anthing!
  12. tinkle razors- these are the best for removing peach fuzz from your face and getting rid of dry/dead skin cells...
  13. lotion- I don't know how I lived without the lotion...it is my favorite...it absorbs into your skin quickly and smells like the spa!
  14. melatonin- my son takes these and loves them! doesn't wake up groggy...
  15. elf multi stick- its $5 and can be used on your eyes, cheeks, lips and is the prettiest subtle pink color...love this! will def. repurchase!
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