the glitter girls!

We are two best friends living our best life and helping others make their memories stick like glitter! We create poster sized prints including coloring posters, bucket lists, wall calendars, and SO much more! We love bringing your ideas to life and love cultivating memories for you and your friends & family! We are so thankful you are here! 

xoxo, Jae & Lindsay (The Glitter Girls)

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hi! i'm jae

i have two precious kids and am married to my highschool sweetheart. we have a puppy dog, biskit. i was raised by two wonderful parents who always made the simplest things in life a party! over here trying to create the same magical memories for my family! cheers to enjoying life and making memories stick like glitter!

hi! im lindsay...

married to chad. boy mom times all things pink, sparkly and extra! I've always loved to color, it brings me so much joy to share these coloring sheets with y'all! cheers to making memories stick like glitter!

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